David Lynch film posters, personal project. Posters on Society6 (LINK).

David Lynch hasn't directed a feature film since 2006s Inland Empire. He has occupied his time since doing art pieces, video shorts and documentaries. Lynch's weird and absurd style doesn't quite translate into the confines of the traditional studio poster. For a poster to get the Lynch style right it has to make
the artistic leap into creative madness. 

The Croatian digital illustrator Ivo Matić has come closest to capturing the creative poster soul of David Lynch. Matić does it with a consistency of style that manages to shock, repulse and attract with each variation. He manages to reflect the under current of Lynch's vision in where the grotesque, primal and beautiful are all intertwined.

Ivo Matić's style has the simple and eloquent power of a wood cut. Yet it is not a wood cut squared and placed on a canvas. It is a wood cut into the tree, left into the tree for an unsuspecting passerby to stumble upon and be repulsed by the human deformity caught within the natural conformity of nature. Still, that same passerby is compelled to touch its edges and contours, trying to feel with touch what his brain can't quite understand. He is compelled to drawn it into himself in order to understand the great horrible beauty of what he has seen and felt.

By Jonathan J Moya on MoviePilot

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