Nord is a modern rock band from Rijeka, Croatia.
Album artwork (LP & CD) for their debut album Play Restart.

North as a point of orientation for all those who got lost or run the risk of getting lost in their daily routine and everyday confusion – Nord express their positive attitude towards music and life itself through this offer. The album’s title Play Restart already mirrors this attitude - as a hopeful reference to a spiritual new start. Nord’s idea of rock music is based on the concept of infinite creativity and therefore breaks with genre expectations.

The album artwork was created using The code was written to quantize Nord’s music and that information was used to manipulate magnetic particles creating abstract magnetic compositions to visualize the unique sound of the band. The unique magnetic graphics were used in the design process creating a pulsating and live visual interpretation of Nord’s music.

Programmer: Kristijan Ujević
Art Direction & Design: Ivo Matić

Play Restart was released on April 21, 2017.
Available as LP, CD and digitally

Geenger Records is an independent record label based in Zagreb, Croatia.

WINTER 2017 
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